Thank you note


I'd like to pay respect and say thank you to a few persons, who joined me on my way and helped me realizing this project. 

  • Thanks to all my friends who are always here for me! You really mean a lot to me and I'm rather grateful for your support! Thanks Lo and Aline for your support and help with the project CF Coach. Thanks for the articles and Tipps, the corrections and the support with social media. 
  • Thanks to my Physio Nevin and Kathi for your cooperation and the recordings.
  • Thanks to Xavier Rudd, whose music I listened to for hours during my work.
  • Thanks to Joya for all the Wuffs and Waus.
  • And a big thank you to my parents, who always support me and who taught me a lot! You're the best and I'm really proud having you as my parents! Thanks for everything.