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The website for CF fighers. Tips and tricks about different important topics



Are you looking for other ways to get rid of mucus? A couple of exercises to go? New breathing technics?


You always wanted to start a new sports program? You have questions about the intensity of your training?


Do yo need some tips to finally stabilize your weight or even gain some? You can find everything about nutrition here.


You can't find any motivation to do something for your health? Or to do more sports? Or maybe you don't see a reason to fight CF anymore?

Coaching / Support

Do you have questions for someone that also has CF? Would you like to find more motivation? Do you have a child with CF and have questions? Get in touch with me.

About me

Discover more about me and my website. Read about my story with CF, how I deal with it and why the CF Coach website has been created. Join me on my journey with CF.

It doesn't matter how slow you are! You're still faster than everyone who's doing nothing!

Don't let infections and setbacks get you down! YOU have the choice, don't give CF any chance!